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Our led strip goal isto contribute to, and enhance the aesthetic quality of our surroundings, and promote our well-being, health and ability to work. Many projects demand custom attention and design. Our specialized design team will assist by partnering with you to realize that inspiration to design a custom light for your project through the careful development of form, scale, materials and finishes, performance balanced to meet your budget.

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Step 1


This is the initial stage and requires a high value of innovation, inspiration and design considerations such us:

  1. Space functions, Color temperature, energy codes.
  2. Building and electrical codes, maintain issues.
  3. Architectural features, controls requirements.
  4. Quantity / quality of lighting, protection, operation costs.

Step 3

3.Design & Development

Refinement is the best description for the work and effort we do at this phase of the project, details are developed as necessary with the architects, designers, developers for special conditions and/ or customized luminaries. We begin a process of coordination with other building systems such us HVAC, furniture, automated shadings, doors, CCTV.

Step 5

5.Worldwide shipping

Our Flexibility and worldwide vision, as well as the well-established supply chain, to supply not only market-driven products, but also tailor-make and modify designs & technologies, delivering at any part of the world!

Step 2

2.Schematic design

We cooperate with our customer design team to get specifics designs criterias and uses: Identify preliminary luminaries and camping selections also lighting controls schemes and technologies, plus establishment of the baseline lighting layout with computer generated mockups.

At this point, we will conduct a preliminary energy compliance analysis and economic analysis, such us energy targets. To finalize the conceptual design, if required we offer full scale mockups to replicate anticipating lighting effects, at very least computerized mock-ups can be created using available lighting software to very initial designs.

Step 4

4.Documents and construction

During the final phases, we complete and compile final engineering calculations such us: illumination calculations, energy compliances, lighting controls schemes, sensors. For final review after the customer confirm then we go to construction: where we work closely with the customer and help in all steps and process of the building and development, overseeing final adjustments, solving field issues. Plus control all the logistics where our lighting products arrive on time and remain in perfect conditions.

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Please find out more about our Design service, we will help you in all steps and process, from blueprints to the final installation. We understand the complexities of your job, so we are here to help in your  lighting installation.