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  • SMD 5050
LED STRIP 15 x 8 mm

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Cityline: 15 x 8 mm

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Super durability and exceptional brightness, Ebnex Cityline strip lights are extremely popular in outdoor applications. Our Cityline  high voltage are ideally suited for such tasks as outdoor facades, signs, patios, sports courts, landscape assemble with SMD5050 LED lights.

Cityline: 15 x 8 mm

Our LED strip lights are available with IP weatherproofing as well, for protection against liquids, dust, UV, salt and abrasive materials. We have more than 10 years experience in Outdoor solutions.

  • 120 Beam Angle.
  • UL complaint bus-conductor.
  • 3 year warranty.
  • UV resistant.
  • Optional 110/220v 50/60hz.
  • Solvent resistant. Salt resistant.
  • Two bins within 6 MacAdam.
  • L70 more than 30.000 h lifespan.
  • Power up to 8 W /m.
  • High CRI (color rendering index)up to 98.
  • Light output up to 400 Lm.
  • Packing 50 m roll / 165 feet.
  • UL VO PVC to minimize risk of fire.
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Where I can use Cityline?

  • Outdoor Signage.
  • Outdoor Backlighting.
  • Store facade lighting.
  • Hotel areas.
  • Architectural facade.
  • Patio and landscape.
  • Backyard, gardens, trees.
  • Outside under rooftops & windows.

What voltage should I use?

All depends on your application. Cityline can be used  in 110v or 220v we have both options. Just tell us what you need and we will supply according your need. But nova also comes in 24v.  In case you need to use low voltage, we do in 24v and not in 12 because when you ran for longer distances voltage drops gradually along the circuit.

What profile should I use?

We have all sizes for your project! 1000 mm, 500 mm and 300 mm. Please contact us or check our profiles

Cityline Led strip lights provide beautiful, distinctive character to outdoor hospitality, buildings, sport arenas, hospitals, and other outdoor installations. Because of their outstanding versatility, LED lights work well underneath countertops, around barbacks, and even tucked away into hidden corners and alcoves, stairs, in the trees. Our design team and professionals will assist you on your project.

In addition, Cityline light strips come in a variety of single colors  to create a fully customizable color experience in your spaces either,restaurant, bar, pool, hotel garden.

Reference Color (K) Leds/M Watts / m Lumen / Meter IP LED Lifespan Dimmable CRI Angle
CITYLINE 5050 EC27230 2700k / Warm white 60L/M 8W/M 400lm/M IP 65 SMD5050 5 Years Yes 80+ 120º
EC40230 4000k / cool white 60L/M 8W/M 400lm/M IP 65 SMD5050 5 Years Yes 80+ 120º
EC65230 6500k  / daylight 60L/M 8W/M 400lm/M IP 65 SMD5050 5 Years Yes 80+ 120º