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Ebnex, is a leading LED STRIP company, we do have a very consolidated range of products. Due to competent management and dedicated employees ebnex has expanded into a international company with a strong network of distributors. Become part of the ebnex family and join the success!

Our brand and products has a good quality and recognition in the LED LIGHTING industry. As a ebnex distributor, what really adds value to business is our commitment to make it as easy as posible for you to sell our products. You can trust us to do our best to make your sales efforts as effective as posible


Durable products, designed respecting the environment,  a eco friendly solution for any kind of project. become a part of our overseas team!

We are looking for companies for supporting us with our international growth and to represent our products in their respective areas. A must have for these companies are a solid infrastructure in the area and workforce for providing a close commercial and technical support to customers in the area.