Ebnex electronics
provide  only the highest quality led strip and accessories with a team of unrivaled lighting expertise. Our team shares deep knowledge and experience of product and  process.  At ebnex we work hand-in-hand with our clients to meet their needs on schedule and within budget.

The result is thousands of savings in operating costs, maximize capital improvement value and deliver a truly superior ROI.  We can transform your lighting projects, into a source of superior energy savings, quality light and well-being. We are  committed to the personal growth and goals of our employees, suppliers, customers, and community.

What we do?


At EBNEX, we focus our activities on the development of innovative products. Our company  develops  last generation technologies to LED LIGHTING sector, being a LED STRIP systems for multipurpose applications.

The pursuit of this objective is accomplished while maintaining a set of values that drive the company such as:

  • Quality: our products follow a strict validation process to ensure the quality of all our systems.
  • R&D: the company makes large investments on research & development for continuously improving product portfolio.
  • Reliability: we use top quality components for ensuring product reliability and performance.
  • Safety: our products are developed following the strictest regulations on the industry: UL, ETL, TUV, SGS, CE.
  • Environmental protection: our policies are to minimize the environmental impact of the company activities.
  • Green energy: Our products, are highly efficient and longevity and durability makes them unique.



Ebnex develops different product lines, on high-performance and eco-friendly LED STRIP , besides, the company collaborates with several partners  providing complete solutions including on the product portfolio: aluminium profile, power supplies, connectors and wires, control sensors, dimmers and amps.

Our producs includes the high performance components LED technology inside is what sets us apart. And not only will colors remain true, the light output remains stable throughout the lifetime. Mainly installed in Hotels, restaurants, shops, casinos, cruise lines and landscapes…

Accessories  our  company develops ,with several partners  providing complete solutions including on the product portfolio: aluminium profile, power supplies, connectors and wires, control sensors, dimmers and amps.

Moreover, our team is specialized in product customization and personalized developments, ask our team for custom solutions.




Ebnex has a wide range of resources, both human and technical. Our staff consists of a wide variety of profiles divided on the areas of: software, hardware, engineering, production and support. Staff that continues to grow because we always seek excellence in each field with new vacancies and internships.

As for the technical resources, ebnex constantly perform large investments in last generation technologies, to ensure maximum efficiency in project development, with: 3D printing equipment, CNC, components These self-owned technologies are supported with strong partnerships with top manufacturers for: electronics manufacturing, composite material developments, plastic molding…

All these resources together provide the company with capacity for developing complete solutions and to customize the developed product for matching applications needs. For any industry, from shipping vessels, schools, shops, airplanes, and many other industries, where LED technology is highly demanded.

Less Co2 emission
Architects and lighting designers are implementing LED strip lights into residential, commercial, hotels, bar, restaurants and industrial projects at an increasing rate. This is due to an increase in features like: efficiency, color options, brightness, and ease of installation.
Ebnex electronics